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How to get access to downloads?

Those people who collaborate with a subscription will obtain a username and password so that they have access to exclusive links for registered users. Only those who subscribe to any of the available plans, one month, one year or indefinitely, will be able to access to be registered users.

When a subscription is made, the personal and non-transferable user will be sent to the email account, associated with the Paypal account with which the payment was made, in order to access the exclusive content of this website. The email will have to be verified to activate the user's account. Check the SPAM folder, just in case!

If you have an active subscription you will can download and update all scripts, add-ons and mod aircrafts while be active. All scripts, Add-ons and aircrafts will work after your subscription expires.

All your addons downloaded will work after your subscription have expired, but If Asobo/Microsoft/Laminar break them, you will need download again if you want an update and for this you must have an active subscription.

We don't sell nothing directly. This web works under subscriptions!

If you pay any subscription you can download all items from this web, but we don't sell nothing itself. You can subscribe a plan to read articles only if you want.

No item has a price separately, you can pay any subscription to access to all this web, any subscription plan allow people the access to all documents.

The subscriptions are dedicated to the server maintenance mainly, but we don't sell planes or add-on itself, people with a plan subscription can access to this web to read all articles and download all add-ons.

It is only a payment,  not periodic payments and it isn't renewed automatically.