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Beechcraft Baron B58 with Avitab integration with or without Winglets

The Avitab integration requires the .acf and .obj files of the original Laminar Research aircraft, but this time I have integrated Avitab into the cockpit using the updated version of MGouge, using these files instead of the Laminar files. These improvements are many and all very good! I recommend read the list into MGouge post. (Links below)

I have added and reviewed one by one all the flight parameters in Plane Maker so that the flight mode is fully compatible with the new Austin flight mode.

B58 with Avitab1.jpg.113e0b76fbf6bda1179f3ee846d9350c

B58 with Avitab2.jpg.d1cb5089aac1bd22cf3048e9b9b94a06