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allinone 2

You will find everything you need to configure X-Plane's enviroment with All in One.

You can improve lights, clouds, water, airports, roads ... absolutely everything.

Read the pdf files for more information.





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We could create a community!

Together we can find better combinations of the parameters.




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Calculate your vertical speed before landing or calculate the distance to start descending.




Visual and very easy!

Press checkboxes to take data from the aircraft in realtime. You just need to fill the red fields to calculate the solution!

Remember: this script needs FlyWithLua!

Copy the .lua file in your FlyWithLua's scripts folder (X-Plane 11/Resources/Plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts) and you will have a new macro:

- Descent Calculator


Descent Calculator



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What includes:

Full Avitab integration

Better TAXI, LANDING and NAV lights, you will have much more night lighting when you tour the airport

Realistic propeller effect with speed adaptation

Landing gear wheels without fairing, to watch them turn and observe the effect of the brakes and suspension

New improved FMOD sounds, recorded from real Cessnas. More sound events and more realistic. Hotfixed.

Instruments more similar to the real Cessna. All buttons and screens have been revised

Improved interior upholstery and textures. Seats just like a real Cessna

Cockpit and autopilot sounds adapted to flight conditions (3jCabin-sounds plugin is required)

Advanced autopilot voice prompts (X-RAAS system included)

Multiple improvements to the flight system collected from McGauge and real pilots (more realistic improvements than the SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack)

Bush version: GI-260 Angle Of Attack Indicator System and Tundra tyres


c172sp metalizada



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New with v1.2

New 4K textures. Full resolution to clear text and better legibility. Nvidia native DDS format lossless, without compression. Quickest format for X-Plane!

Improved analog version especially for night flight. All the lights in the cockpit controls are perfectly matched to the lighting controls, allowing the intensity of all indicators to be adjusted.

Modular zips. All sections can be downloaded separately. 

Now with new Airfoils and new flaps parameters, lift coefficient (CL) drag coefficient(CD) and pitching moment (CM) revised and improved.

Airfoils tested using XFLR5 and exported and scaled with Polar2Afl. Airfoils data are much more accurate than the default B58 uses. Thanks to Zeta (Alejandro Zuluaga) for this work!

What is an Airfoil: An airplane's wing has a special shape called an airfoil. The airfoil is shaped so that the air traveling over the top of the wing travels farther and faster than the air traveling below the wing. ... According to the Bernoulli Principle, this pressure differential pushes the airplane upward, giving it lift.


Improvements over the default version:

Avitab integration. New Avitab display, now more realistic with dirt.

I have taken the opportunity to solve all the flight problems of this model also adding the improvements of MGouge version. 

I have added and reviewed one by one all the flight parameters in Plane Maker so that the flight mode is fully compatible with the new Austin flight mode.

I have designed two new winglets for the wings of our favorite plane. I hope you like them because it gives a new, much more modern design. There is a lot of work with Blender!

I have also designed a new interior with a new cabin, with new materials. Now the seats look better.

The pilots' seats have a new finish and look more like the real ones.

The cabin overhead lights in the passenger area are now real. They activate automatically when there is little light and turn off during the day.

The cockpit also includes new improvements. Now everything is made of steel and the materials better reflect light. I have added new controls to the altitude and artificial horizon indicators so that they can be selected from the co-pilot area. Now the Prop Amps gauge works again! Speed indicator: now there is corelation between analog and digital speed indicator with concern to the yellow ark. New compass with more legibility.

Better taxi and landing lights. 

Two versions, with and without winglets into the same pack.

New prop disc with more realistic graphics.

FSEconomy alias added

3jCabin-sounds with some optimized ranges

Checklist included in clist format for XChecklist plugin.

And more and more...