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navigraph panel1

Este addon enlaza directamente con la web de Navigraph y muestra lo mismo que el addon oficial pero totalmente integrado en la tablet ALL IN ONE.

Para el uso de los mapas y opciones del addon remitimos a la página de Navigraph que seguramente ya conoce al ser subscriptor de sus servicios.




Exactamente igual que con el addon oficial. Entrando el código de cifras y letras en la web de Navigraph o leyendo con la cámara del móvil el código QR que se muestra en pantalla.



Para poder usar este addon es imprescindible estar subscrito a los servicios de Navigraph.


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I have written a document with my settings to fly with VR for Flight Simulator after SU10. If you want to fly without stuttering with HIGH and ULTRA settings read this article and follow all instructions step by step. 



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The most famous and powerful utility for flight simulators now integrated into your cockpit.

Using Little Navmap webserver with this new and optimized ingamepanel for Flight Simulator you will can follow your flight like from the main app, with all options:

  • Background color fixed. Now minimized mode works ok.
  • New font for better readability.
  • Now with mouse wheel control and map movements by clicking on it.
  • Any window size. You can resize the map as you like.
  • OSM and basemap from Little Navmap with your favourite theme.
  • Layers of airspaces, with all airports and airfields in the world, all controlled spaces, all VORs and all NDBs.
  • Aircraft data and progress. All datas are updated every fraction of second.
  • Airports data with METAR, frequencies, runways, services...
  • Airplane movement and panel data update rate more adjusted for smoother map.
  • Internal performance improvements for greater compatibility with Flight Simulator.
  • Font size larger to better legibility into VR
  • Resize events better
  • Fully resizable window in any mode: window, full screen and VR
  • The size of the buttons and the map are proportionally adapted, keeping the size of the map text always fixed.
  • Now it is allowed to search any ICAO of less than 4 characters. Spaces can be inserted at any position in the name.
  • v1.8 fastest ever!


New faster version and with resize events better




 All options have been adapted for an optimal virtual reality experience




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A map to see IVAO traffic from within the simulator. Ideal and essential to not lose the immersion when flying in VR or to fly on a monitor with everything integrated into the cockpit..

Now you can sintonize your radio from the map clicking over the ATC frequency.

Distance to ATC and distance to other pilots.

You just have to unzip the .zip in the Flight Simulator Community folder, just like all plugins.

When you start the flight you will see a new option in the options panel, with the IVAO logo. Click on it and the map will open.



Background color fixed. Now minimized mode works ok.

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